Thursday, May 31, 2018

US Warns Syria About Troops

The Pentagon issued a warning to Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad on Thursday after he said that his troops will retake lands from the US-backed forces if they do not leave Syria. General Kenneth McKenzie warned that any attack against US troops will end badly for him

“Any interested party in Syria should understand that attacking US Forces or our coalition partners will be a bad policy,” Lieutenant General Kenneth McKenzie, director of the joint staff, said during a press conference.

His remarks came after Assad told Russian broadcaster RT he would not hesitate to use force to retake the third of the country held by the Syrian Democratic Forces.d’s remarks towards the Syrian Democratic Forces.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Rare Virus Could Become Global Epidemic Officials Warn

image - turbosquid

Health officials have implemented emergency measures in Kerala after the more than 40 people were infected with the Nipah virus, which causes flu-like symptoms leading to an agonizing brain-swelling condition known as encephalitis, according to Sky News.

There is no vaccine for Nipah, which has a mortality rate of 70 percent, and no treatment beyond supportive care to make patients comfortable. The virus is listed alongside Ebola and Zika as one of eight priority diseases the World Health Organization believes could cause a global epidemic.


Friday, May 25, 2018

Israel Bombs Hezbollah In Syria

Israel bombed an airbase in Syria on Thursday night. Al-Masdar News reported on Friday afternoon that the Israeli strike on the Al-Dabaa Airbase had targeted Hezbollah’s positions.

This attack by the Israeli Air Force marks the first time during this war that any foreign entity has targeted this military base near Al-Qusayr.

Deadly Heatwave Strikes Pakistan

A heatwave that coincided with a power outage has killed 65 people in Pakistan's southern city of Karachi over the past three days. The death toll could climb as the high temperatures persist.