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ACT OF WAR: China Steals USA Drone

Photo by Ben Allsup, Teledyne Webb Research A Chinese Navy ship stole an American underwater Slocum Glider drone in a South China Sea. The act of war occurred around noon Thursday local time approximately 40 miles west of the Philippines and about 150 miles from Scarborough Shoal. The Chinese ship had been following USNS Bowditch, which deployed the drone. READ FULL REPORT

No Drinking Water for Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi, Texas, on Thursday said a chemical known as Indulin AA-86 used in asphalt, contaminated the city's water supply, prompting an advisory against using tap water for everything from drinking to bathing. Three to 24 gallons of the chemical possibly entered the city's water after an incident in the Corpus Christi industrial district. READ FULL REPORT