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Israel Fires And Heatwave

YnetNews Wildfires coupled with record heatwaves are hitting Israel.  Fires were occurring mainly in a wooded area between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, where ground teams and aerial tankers fought the flames for hours. Thousands of residents in small towns were evacuated, officials said. More than a dozen houses burned down.  Some fires were suspected to be caused by arson. Jerusalem recorded temperatures of 37.5 degrees Celsius on Thursday afternoon - its May average is 26C. The heat was even more stifling in areas to the west. One Tel Aviv suburb hit 43.5C, according to the Israel Meteorological Service.  The heatwave was expected to continue into Friday, with temperatures near 30C in Jerusalem by the weekend. 

Israel Hits Syria With Airstrike

In response to a missile fired at IDF aircraft, Israel launched an airstrike against a Syrian anti-aircraft vehicle at Tel al-Shaar in Quneitra . One soldier was killed and several others were injured.  IDF Statement "Earlier today, Syrian anti-aircraft systems fired at an IDF fighter jet during a routine flight in northern Israel. The anti-air projectile landed in Syrian territory and the mission was completed as planned. In response, a short while ago, the IDF targeted the launcher that had fired. The IDF sees any threat against its aircraft with great severity and takes measures to defend them." Read Full Report

Middle East Missiles Fly

Rocket Attacks in Israel Israel struck  5 military compounds in response to missile attack on Saturday. Hamas fired over 150 rockets from the Gaza strip. Israeli officials said a 50-year-old woman was severely wounded by rocket fire, while a teenage boy was mildly hurt as he ran for cover. A house in the coastal city of Ashkelon was damaged Gaza's Health Ministry said a 22-year-old Palestinian man was killed by an Israeli airstrike, and seven other Palestinians were wounded. Israel Defense Force tweeted the following timeline: 🔺10:10am - Barrage of rockets fired at Israel from Gaza. 🔺10:15am - IDF strikes 2 rocket launchers in Gaza. 🔺10:30am - Rockets fired at Israel. 🔺11:00am - IDF strikes Hamas targets. 🔺12:30am - More rockets fired at Israel.