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Food Shortage In The United States!

Empty Shelves 2020 - Food Shortage   Did you notice what happened in the USA during the coronavirus lockdown? SHELVES EMPTIED ALMOST INSTANTLY!  Notice something else? The store shelves are not stocked like they were  pre-pandemic level. I think we all figured out that the United States is not prepared for a mass food shortage. Even now, supply chains are disrupted with no return to normal in sight Do you think the government will take care of you? I hope you know now that we could not even get toilet paper on a consistent basis much less food.  Prices have skyrocketed for all food. Ground beef has went from $2 a pound to over $8 a pound. Cans goods, dry goods and drinks - ALL SKYROCKETING OUT OF CONTROL! What does the future look like? All experts are saying that the world is never going back to normal . If the United States, the light for the world, cannot help its citizens in a crisis the world is teetering on the edge of a global food crisis. There is a warning that 295 MILLION peo


Source: / While most of the news headlines in the United States are consumed with politics and agendas, a huge calamity is happening in much of the western parts of the country. Wildfires are raging out of control. Massive uncontrolled fires have broke out in numerous locations over the west coast of USA. There are over 116 new  fire incidents and 95 large uncontained fires.  Extended drought conditions and manmade programs are causing fires to rage out of control. Some conservation efforts in California, such as ceasing control of underbrush, have contributed significantly to wildfires.  Current Conditions

Earth Rang Like A Bell

On November 11, 2019 something really strange occurred that took scientists by surprise with no immediate explanation. Earth rang like a bell for 20 Minutes. Scientific instruments picked up inexplicable seismic waves that originated around 15 miles off the shores of a French island between Africa and Madagascar. The strange part is, it wasn’t an earthquake. In fact, scientists have no idea what happened. The waves picked up by seismic instruments rippled away from the shores of Mayotte Island .. Soon after, seismic sensors located in Zambia, Kenya, and Ethiopia picked up the same thing. The seismic wave continued traveling until it was eventually picked up by researchers as far away as Chile, New Zealand, Canada, and even Hawaii approximately 11,000 miles away. The mysterious phenomenon caused our planet to ring like a massive bell for a period of around twenty minutes, and as all of this was taking place, not a single human felt anything out of the ordinary. It’s one of the strangest