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About EndTimes Headline

No matter your faith or disbelief, you realize something is wrong in the world today. Things seem to be getting worse and worse. Storms are getting stronger. Wars are becoming more numerous, earthquakes are becoming more frequent. More cases of the modern day plague cancer and other diseases every day that are sweeping the Earth. The condition of the people morally and socially has fallen into a cesspool of indecency and acceptance of any type of debauchery.

Why? Because things are getting worse and the Earth is in its final stages.

All faiths of religion believe their days are decreasing here on this planet. Islam, Jews and Christianity all believe their holy words are complete and prophecy is fulfilled to the point their savior is about to return. Atheists think that climate change is bringing an end to this habitat called Earth.

Be assured, times will not get better anytime soon, so what can we do? in the short term, always be ready for short term food and water disasters

In the long term you need to consider your ways because eternity is real. There is but one thing that can save you from eternal punishment, and that is accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Savior

It is not difficult, it is just faith:

  • Believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God
  • Believe Jesus died for our sins on the Cross
  • Repent and forsake ALL sins 
  • Believe Jesus Christ arose the third day from the tomb
You cannot do this by works, it is faith only. If you want some free information, email us and we will gladly send you free of charge information of salvation. Just include your name and mailing address. Our email address is on the contact page. 

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Scientist are now worried that the Super Volcano at Yellowstone National Park could erupt at any moment and wipe out the human race.

Researchers at ASU have concluded that the eruption could happen sooner than expected by results of mineral measurement. A study in 2011 found that the magma reservoir has risen more than 10 inches in seven years.

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