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Massive 7.1 Earthquake strikes Peru

A massive 7.1 earthquake struck the Madre De Dios region in Peru. Madre de Dios is a region in southeastern Peru’s Amazon Basin, bordering Brazil and Bolivia. The USGS reported the quake 184 km West North West of Iberia Pura at 904am UTC

Russia Buildup On Golan Heights Border

Source: AMN Four Russian military police posts have been established on the Golan border and another two will be added in the near future Lieutenant-General Sergei Kuralenko said on Tuesday. The Golan Heights is a 690 sq mile area captured and occupied by Israel after the 1967 war. The prophecies of Ezekiel are unfolding before the world as Russia and Iran move closer to Israel.

Israel Under Heavy Rocket Attack

Photo courtesy of @Israelbreaking on twitter Over 50 rockets have been fired from Gaza into Israel. Largest attack since 2014. Iron Dome has had multiple interceptions. IDF is responding with air attacks and has confirmed 12 terrorist targets have been hit