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ALERT! California Typhus Outbreak

Over 100 patients in Los Angeles have been hospitalized due to a flea borne illness know as typhus   . Illness is mostly confined to the skid row area of Los Angeles. The homeless population increased by almost 50% since 2012 which is adding to the problem of unsanitary conditions. The disease in the L.A. outbreak is known as murine typhus and can spread to people from infected flea bites or feces of infected fleas. Those feces have bacteria called Rickettsia typhi, according to the CDC. The disease is not spread from person to person but from the infected feces of fleas. The feces are rubbed accidentally into scrapes or cuts in the skin, people become sick. Typhus infects fleas found on dogs, cats, rats, and opossums. Animals carrying typhus themselves do not get sick.

Most Harmful Species In 150 Years Invades Northeast USA

IMAGE - E. SWACKHAMER An invasive species known as the spotted lanternfly is posing a threat to trees and crop in the United States. Experts are saying this is the most destructive species seen in over 150 years This insect native to China, India and Vietnam is is already causing crop damage in Virginia and Pennsylvania. The biggest threat is to the forests in the Northeast. This species has the ability to cause great damage to hops, grapes and forests for logging industries The production of honeydew by the insect serves as a catalyst for fungal growths. But one concern that has some experts worried is the lantern flies lay their eggs in Christmas trees. Then the insects can hatch in homes during the Christmas season. Pesticides are the most productive means of control. 

Rich Old People Injecting Young Blood

As strange as it may sound, older people are lining up to be injected with the blood of younger humans, some as young as 16. Ambrosia Medical , founded by Stanford Medical graduate Jesse Karmazi,  plans to open its first clinic in New York City in the next few months. Ambrosia was involved in the first clinical trials in the US that tested the effects of this treatment. “The trial, which involved giving patients 1.5 liters of plasma from a donor between the ages of 16 and 25 over two days, was conducted with physician David Wright, who owns a private intravenous-therapy center in Monterey, California. “Before and after the infusions, participants’ blood was tested for a handful of biomarkers, or measurable biological substances and processes that are thought to provide a snapshot of health and disease.” In the week since the company launched their website , they have already received over 100 calls from people requesting appointments. During the trials, patients paid $8,