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Huge Iranian Pipeline Explosion

 Two people were killed and ten others were wounded on December 13th , in a pipeline explosion at an industrial unit south of the Iranian capital, Tehran.  The the explosion occurred in the industrial city ​​of Salafjakan in the province of Qom, and was followed by a fire. On Sunday, firefighting teams in Iran managed to contain an explosion caused by an oil leak in a pipeline that pumps crude oil to Isfahan, the second largest refinery in the country.  Several explosions and fires have happened in Iran this year, Iranian media said that Tehran does not exclude an act of sabotage by opposition groups or a cyber attack by America and Israel in these fires and explosions, especially with regard to the explosion of the Natanz nuclear facility in Isfahan, in the center of the country, which occurred in August.


As coronavirus cases rapidly rise nationwide, Americans are turning to food banks more than ever before. But the really bad news is that resources are almost gone. Food banks across the nation are preparing for food shortages between now and the early months of 2021.  Feeding South Florida is currently facing big challenges starting this week. Food banks in the region will no longer have access to about 8.4 million pounds worth of produce, dairy, dry goods, and meat to give to patrons in need. The CARES Act program, which has provided the food bank with $5 million per month in food since April, is set to expire on Dec. 31. At the beginning of October, Feeding America warned that it could face a deficit of up to 10 billion pounds of food between that month and June 2021—that's a shortage of about 8 billion meals. As the coronavirus continues to take its toll on jobs nationwide, especially in major populated cities. In New York City, an estimated 1.5 million people currently cannot a