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Pastor in Battle with City Over Jesus Ads

Courtesy: KKTV Colorado Springs city Pastor is in battle over public bench ads that declared "Jesus is Lord" The controversy in Colorado Springs involves Christian ads on about 20 bus stop benches. Pastor Lawson Perdue of Charis Christian Center said he was told that the ads will no longer be allowed if they refer to Jesus According to Perdue, the city transit agency told him that if the name Jesus was allowed, hate messages would have to be allowed, too, “Don’t we have the freedom of speech in the United States?” Perdue said “Isn’t that a constitutional right?” READ FULL STORY HERE

Giant Holes in Siberia Bursting Earth Open

Giant holes are appearing the tundra of Siberia in northern Russia. Reindeer herders first spotted huge holes in 2013, in the region's Taimyr Peninsula. It was about 13 feet wide, nearly 330 feet deep, and - as they stumbled across their find - the men "were almost swallowed up by the crater,"  according to the Siberian Times wrote. Villagers surrounding the areas are finally coming forward to say they heard and saw something strange shortly before the crater was found. READ FULL REPORT HERE