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Yellowstone Supervolcano Could Destroy Planet Anytime

Scientist are now worried that the Super Volcano at Yellowstone National Park could erupt at any moment and wipe out the human race. Researchers at ASU have concluded that the eruption could happen sooner than expected by results of mineral measurement. A study in 2011 found that the magma reservoir has risen more than 10 inches in seven years. Earthquake swarms have continued to increase in the area to further alarm scientists.

China Could Crush US Dollar

China has recently unveiled a new oil benchmark that is backed by physical gold. China is the worlds top oil importer so this could very well shake up the oil and currency markets. This new physical gold oil pricing is making the yuan more attractive to investors. Annalists believe this will cause a huge shift in power and money to the nation of China The USA has always been able to deal with printing more money because the world prices oil in US dollars. Not only China but Venezuela and Russia are trying to use other currencies to price oil. This new pricing action will deliver a death blow to the US dollar and could cause inflation to run out of control in the American economy. READ MORE HERE

Asteroid Coming Dangerously Close Oct 12

Asteroid 2012TC4 will skim by the earth at less than 5000 miles on Oct 12. READ MORE FROM JET PROPULSION LABS

Calm Before the Storm

President Donald Trump gave a  cryptic message Thursday after meeting with top military officials stating this is  "the calm before the storm.” Pressed on what he meant, the president said, “You’ll find out.” Could this be the preamble to a North Korea military strike?

CONFIRMED!!! 2 separate and distinct rifles in Vegas Shooting

A Vegas cab driver video confirms without question that there are separate and distinct rifle fire during the night of the  LasVegas mass murder. Key point in video - 44sec and 1:08 , notice different locations of gunfire. Additionally at approximately 4:58 there is noticeable muzzle flash coming from a few stories up of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, not the 32nd floor.  Some have indicated that flash could have been a strobe reflection. Could it have been a muzzle flash reflection from another location?  Still yet the most important aspect of the video is the beginning with the very noticeable different locations of gunfire.