Earth Rang Like A Bell

On November 11, 2019 something really strange occurred that took scientists by surprise with no immediate explanation. Earth rang like a bell for 20 Minutes.

Scientific instruments picked up inexplicable seismic waves that originated around 15 miles off the shores of a French island between Africa and Madagascar.

The strange part is, it wasn’t an earthquake. In fact, scientists have no idea what happened.

The waves picked up by seismic instruments rippled away from the shores of Mayotte Island .. Soon after, seismic sensors located in Zambia, Kenya, and Ethiopia picked up the same thing.

The seismic wave continued traveling until it was eventually picked up by researchers as far away as Chile, New Zealand, Canada, and even Hawaii approximately 11,000 miles away.

The mysterious phenomenon caused our planet to ring like a massive bell for a period of around twenty minutes, and as all of this was taking place, not a single human felt anything out of the ordinary.

It’s one of the strangest things to happen, taking experts entirely unprepared.

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