Food Shortage In The United States!

Empty Shelves 2020 - Food Shortage


Did you notice what happened in the USA during the coronavirus lockdown? SHELVES EMPTIED ALMOST INSTANTLY!  Notice something else? The store shelves are not stocked like they were  pre-pandemic level. I think we all figured out that the United States is not prepared for a mass food shortage. Even now, supply chains are disrupted with no return to normal in sight

Do you think the government will take care of you? I hope you know now that we could not even get toilet paper on a consistent basis much less food. 

Prices have skyrocketed for all food. Ground beef has went from $2 a pound to over $8 a pound. Cans goods, dry goods and drinks - ALL SKYROCKETING OUT OF CONTROL!

What does the future look like? All experts are saying that the world is never going back to normal. If the United States, the light for the world, cannot help its citizens in a crisis the world is teetering on the edge of a global food crisis. There is a warning that 295 MILLION people could face food shortages! 

So we know the government is no help, the stores will be useless in emergencies and stocking enough long term food is difficult and very costly. What can you do?

First thing is to prepare ahead of time. Don't wait until the next pandemic has started. GET READY NOW! Things like toilet paper, first aid supplies and bleach you need to start putting away but food is very hard to manage for long term needs. The next crisis could last as long as 5 years, so you need a renewable long term source of food for the next food shortage in the United States.

Find out how you can have a supermarket in your backyard! Be prepared for anything and even save money on your food bill every month with healthy food during normal times!

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