US ARMY Soldiers Shrinking to Dangerous Low Levels

Shrinking budgets have forced the U.S. Army to cut 80,000 troops from its rolls since 2010.

Officials plan is to reach 120,000 by 2017. A report to Congress obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request by the Washington Free Beacon says roughly 450,000 active duty U.S. Army soldiers will remain in 2017. That translates to a 21 percent reduction across the board.

Former Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno told the Army Times prior to his Aug. 14 retirement that planned troops cuts pose a gave threat to U.S. national security. “If we get small enough where some of these [world] leaders don’t believe the Army can respond or deter them, if you can’t … deter them from believing they can accomplish something … that increases the threats and danger to the United States,”

Gen. Odierno told the newspaper Aug. 11. “And I don’t know what that level is, but I think we’re getting dangerously close to that level now.”


2nd brigade combat team

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