Pot Smoking Bible Study

The City of Centennial Colorado was on a real high last week, with the announcement that it had just ranked fourth on America’s 50 Best Cities to Live In,” up from a still-respectable 26 last year, according to USA Today. In listing the top cities, the site noted that Centennial is one of the safest places in Colorado.

Perhaps that’s because everyone there is too high on pot and the Bible to do anything naughty. The day before Centennial started touting its number four ranking, the city made a big hit in New York magazine’s “The Bong Next Door: Ambling through America’s most stoned suburbs.” That lengthy piece led off with a meeting of the Stoner Jesus Bible Study. 

The Bible group was created by forty-something mother of two Deb Button, who posted an ad for the stoner study on Craigslist; one woman showed up for the first meeting last fall and found Button “so baked out of her head she forgot that she’d invited me over,” she told the magazine. But the group ultimately got it together, and today Centennial residents aren’t just reading the Bible stoned; they’re playing poker stoned, playing lacrosse stoned, gardening stoned, doing the laundry stoned, watching the Broncos stoned, having sex stoned.


stoner jesus bible study

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