Catholic School Must Hire Gay Man Says Court

A Boston state court issued a first in its ruling attempting to force a Catholic school to hire a homosexual man.

Superior Court Associate Justice Douglas Wilkins’ decision on Wednesday orders Fontbonne Academy, a Catholic girls school, to hire a “gay” man. The judge said Fontbonne discriminated against plaintiff Matthew Barrett when officials rescinded a food service director position in 2013.

Barrett was denied the job after school administrators realized he was in a same-sex union. “On the undisputed facts, Barrett has shown he is a protected class, that he was qualified (and even received an offer) for the position of Food Service Director, that he suffered denial of employment, that the reason for the denial was his sexual orientation and that he suffered harm as a result,” the judge wrote.

“This proves sexual-orientation discrimination as a matter of law on the undisputed facts.” the judge further stated


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