China Buying Russian Bison Hovercraft

While the USA continues to downsize military forces, China continues to build capabilities to invade other countries. Adding to China's latest capabilities of sea warfare is the Russian Zubr Class (the Bison).

These troop and equipment carriers are not only for ocean movement but carry their loads well into the land, even able to maneuver over 4 foot walls.

From Popular Mechanics
China has received its second Zubr ("Bison") class hovercraft from Russia. Fast, armed and capable of carrying an invasion force, thesed hovercraft give China the ability to land troops on nearby islands and islets, including those in the East China Sea, South China Sea, and even Taiwan.
The Soviet Union developed the Zubr class of hovercraft in the late 1970s as a way of quickly landing troops over relatively short distances. Zubrs have a range of 300 miles and top speeds of up to 55 knots. Each one can carry three tanks, 12 armored fighting vehicles, and up to 500 marine infantry.
And they don't stop at the beach: As hovercraft, Zubrs can cross a beachhead and carry their cargo well inland. On land, a Zubr can cross a five-degree gradient and traverse up to a four-foot vertical wall. Here's a Russian Zubr involved in an amphibious exercise, disgorging Russian marines and BTR-82 infantry fighting vehicles on the beachhead.
Zubr Class

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