UK Report: Muslim Brotherhood Violent

A scathing report on the Muslim Brotherhood was issued by the UK. The report accuses the MB of being sympathetic to terrorist activities and a huge risk to the national security of Britain.

The review of the MB was ordered by Prime Minister David Cameron in April 2014. Whil the report is classified, the main findings of the report are published to the public.

The report found that most of the brotherhood was "comprised (of) exiles and overseas students.". In light of recent events here. this should serve as a warning to what will come of the muslim exiles and students that embed in the US. The report found the muslims begin to organize and establish over 50 years ago in the UK.

The report found that the MB continually supports Hamas activities. Their website even encourages people to rebel against Westerners and to take bullets in their chests

While the US President still sits in denial over the Muslim Brotherhood ( or a secret sympathizer) it seems the UK is waking up to the danger of not only the MB, but the dangers of Islam that has already embedded the UK


Mohamed Abd El Ghany/Reuters

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