India Completing Nuke Sub Trials

India Nears Completion Of Nuclear Triad With Armed Submarine The developed over the past three decades, is completing its final trials in the Bay of Bengal. (File photo)

The country of India is close to putting a nuclear-armed submarine into operation, a move that would intensify a race for more nuclear weapons in Asia.

The 6,000-ton Arihant, developed over the past three decades under a secret government program, is completing its final trials in the Bay of Bengal, according to a senior navy officer

The vessel will be operated by the navy yet remain under the direct control of India's Nuclear Command Authority headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The deployment would complete India's nuclear triad, allowing it to deliver atomic weapons from land, sea and air.

Only the United States and Russia are considered full-fledged nuclear triad powers now, with China and India's capabilities still largely untested.

India's move may prod China to bolster its undersea arsenal and assist nuclear-armed allies Pakistan and North Korea in developing similar technologies. That risks potentially more dangerous altercations in Asia's waters, where territorial disputes have contributed to a region-wide naval buildup.


6,000-ton Arihant

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