Blackout Tattoos Go Viral

large rose blackout tattoo
oddtattooer, Instagram

Photos emerged on Instagram from "oddtattoer" showing off the latest trend in body art, very large black tattoo's usually used in cover ups. More than 80,000 pics have been posted using the hashtag #blackworktattoo, making this viral across social media

Some risk involved with blackout tattoos versus ordinary tattoos

  1. These larger tattoos carry greater risks of infection. 
  2. Dermatologist also note that skin cancer is harder to detect with the black colors.
  3. If someone changes their mind, the removal process can be much more difficult also.
  4. The black colors tend to have much less uniformity in color 
  5. Healing can take much longer due to the severity of the process.

From a spiritual standpoint, tattoos originated from primitive pagan cultures and were almost always associated with demon worship.  The letting of blood has been associated with worship and witchcraft. During the last days more and more people will be drawn into worship of demons.

tribal art blackout tattoo

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