Pastor Weber Gives Steinman Vagina Sculpture

Foul mouthed founding "pastor"  Nadia Bolz-Weber of Denver’s House for All Sinners and Saints presented abortion activist Gloria Steinem with a vagina sculpture made from purity rings

Last year Weber announced on Twitter her art project to create a golden idol to female genitalia in protest of evangelical purity with the following statement : "Beginning November 12th, until December 17th, you’ll have the opportunity to send in your purity rings to be melted down and recast into a golden vagina .. This sculpture will be unveiled at the 2019 Makers Conference."

Women who sent Weber purity rings were given a "certificate of Impurity as well as a SHAMELESS, impurity ring."

After presenting the statue to Steinem at the 2019 Makers conference, Weber denounced the purity rings as a "footnote" in a vast history.

Bolz-Weber explained to HuffPost at the 2018 Makers Conference her motivation to "take down" the evangelical purity culture.

"This thing about women that the church has tried to hide and control and that is a canvas on which other people can write their own righteousness ― it’s actually ours," Bolz-Weber said. "This part of me is mine and I get to determine what is good for it and if it’s beautiful and how I use it in the world."

Bolz-Weber said her Evangelical Lutheran Church denomination has supported her.

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