IDF General Brick: Next War "God help us!"

IDF  Infantry gear


IDF Major General Yitzhak Brick recently spoke over Israel radio about his ominous report in January 2019 about IDF's lack of readiness for a major military confrontation.

"The IDF commander, Harari, told me that the facts are daunting," said Brick. He strongly recommends that a significant change is required in the IDF's organizational culture. "If the army doesn't learn to accept criticism and deal with the problems, God help us. The next war will be the worst in the history of Israel. Every day 1,000 to 2,000 missiles will fall, weighing as much as 100 kilograms per missile and with precision targeting capabilities. " Brick said, 

Brick warned Judea and Samaria would also become a front with thousands of armed Tanzim who will leave the Palestinian villages and shoot in all directions. "We will need infantry units on several fronts and at the moment we don't have such capabilities," 

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