Intense Wisconsin Illinois Heat Wave Buckling Roads

A  heat wave that's gripped the Midwest for days and will only grow more intense by next week is taking its toll on roads across the region, creating hazards for motorists as roads buckle. The combination of prolonged intense heat and humidity has added stress on highways and local roads across the region. 

The National Weather Service's said that temperatures in a warm air mass over the Midwest will climb into the 80s and low 90s on Wednesday from the Corn Belt eastward to the central Appalachians.

The Illinois Department of Transportation warned motorists on Monday to watch for damaged roadways that may buckle during this intense stretch of heat.

“One of the hottest weeks of the year means the potential for pavement failures will increase,” said Omer Osman, acting transportation secretary. “At IDOT, we have the necessary staffing and materials in place to make repairs as quickly as possible."

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