Tuesday, December 25, 2018


Reuters - Depot strike in Damascus

Syrian officials told media that a missile strike hit a weapons depot just outside of Damascus. Although Israel has not confirmed the strikes , Syria beleives this is an IDF attack. Three soliers were injured and the depot sustained damage.

In turn Syria launched missles at the country of Isreal. The attack was thwarted with IDF anti-missle defense system.

This new activities comes on the heel of a recent accouncement by the USA to pull troops out of Syria.

Sunday, December 23, 2018


A tsunami in Pandeglang, Indonesia has killed over 200 people and injured over a thousand on the Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra following an underwater landslide caused by the Krakatau volcano.  Hundreds of homes destroyed and thousands forced to evacuate after the tsunami struck without warning

A video has emerged online of a band performing as the tsunami hit. Several from the band were killed and some missing.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

14 Year Oil Leak In Gulf Still Going

New estimates put on the 14 year oil leak at the Taylor Energy Co. well could be as much as  29,000 gallons of oil per day. 

MC-20 Saratoga platform was destroyed by Hurricane Ivan on Sept. 15, 2004. The storm triggered an underwater mudslide that snapped the 550-foot-tall platform’s legs and buried a cluster of wells. Taylor plugged some of the 28 wells and added three containment domes.

Several environmental groups have for years disputed Taylor’s claim that its multimillion-dollar containment effort had limited pollution to just a trickle.

Sunday, December 2, 2018


Iran Missle

Iran has test fired a missle capable of reaching Europe and anywhere in the Middles East. This test violates UN Security Council Resolution 2231

United States Secretary of State Michael Pompeo stated in a press release " we have been warning for some time, Iran’s missile testing and missile proliferation is growing. We are accumulating risk of escalation in the region if we fail to restore deterrence. We condemn these activities, and call upon Iran to cease immediately all activities related to ballistic missiles designed to be capable of delivering nuclear weapons."

Monday, November 12, 2018

Mobile Alabama Prophecy

A letter received in confidence from a Pastor in Mississippi.

"God showed me in a vision that Mobile Alabama was completely engulfed and wiped off the map by a very large tsunami. I saw buildings completely covered, vehicles crushed and swept away. No one survives this coming disaster within 10 miles of Mobile Bay. I cannot tell you a specific day but it is not far away. It is very close"

Much of America is going to reap sorrow by natural disasters that will boggle the human mind because the sins of infanticide and sexual perversion have swept the land. There will be no escaping what is coming. There is no hiding place"


Photo: IsraelBreaking

War is breaking out as the IDF is advancing troops and tanks into Gaza in response to Hamas terrorist groups non-stop firing of rockets towards Israel.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman have given the military a green light for a heavy response to the launching of over 300 rockets from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip according to Israel National News 

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

ALERT! California Typhus Outbreak

Over 100 patients in Los Angeles have been hospitalized due to a flea borne illness know as typhus  . Illness is mostly confined to the skid row area of Los Angeles. The homeless population increased by almost 50% since 2012 which is adding to the problem of unsanitary conditions.

The disease in the L.A. outbreak is known as murine typhus and can spread to people from infected flea bites or feces of infected fleas. Those feces have bacteria called Rickettsia typhi, according to the CDC.

The disease is not spread from person to person but from the infected feces of fleas. The feces are rubbed accidentally into scrapes or cuts in the skin, people become sick.

Typhus infects fleas found on dogs, cats, rats, and opossums. Animals carrying typhus themselves do not get sick.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Most Harmful Species In 150 Years Invades Northeast USA

lantern fly

An invasive species known as the spotted lanternfly is posing a threat to trees and crop in the United States. Experts are saying this is the most destructive species seen in over 150 years

This insect native to China, India and Vietnam is is already causing crop damage in Virginia and Pennsylvania.

The biggest threat is to the forests in the Northeast. This species has the ability to cause great damage to hops, grapes and forests for logging industries

The production of honeydew by the insect serves as a catalyst for fungal growths. But one concern that has some experts worried is the lantern flies lay their eggs in Christmas trees. Then the insects can hatch in homes during the Christmas season.

Pesticides are the most productive means of control. 

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Rich Old People Injecting Young Blood

As strange as it may sound, older people are lining up to be injected with the blood of younger humans, some as young as 16.

Ambrosia Medical , founded by Stanford Medical graduate Jesse Karmazi,  plans to open its first clinic in New York City in the next few months. Ambrosia was involved in the first clinical trials in the US that tested the effects of this treatment.

“The trial, which involved giving patients 1.5 liters of plasma from a donor between the ages of 16 and 25 over two days, was conducted with physician David Wright, who owns a private intravenous-therapy center in Monterey, California.

“Before and after the infusions, participants’ blood was tested for a handful of biomarkers, or measurable biological substances and processes that are thought to provide a snapshot of health and disease.”

In the week since the company launched their website, they have already received over 100 calls from people requesting appointments.

During the trials, patients paid $8,000 to be involved and receive the treatment, but the company has clarified that the price the public sees may be much different, even higher, than what the trial participants paid.


Friday, September 28, 2018

Israeli Forces Kill 6 and Injure 400

Photo: Reuters

During terrorist activities of incendiary balloons and striking choke points under cover of burning tires at the Israeli border, 6 Palestinians were killed and over 400 injured during protests in Gaza, this Friday, in their commemoration of the second Intifada. Thousands of Palestinians gathered to riot at five locations along Gaza Strip's frontier with Israel in response to calls by the militant group Hamas

The Israeli military said in a statement that in response to "grenades and explosive devices" hurled at troops during the protests, Israeli aircraft carried out two airstrikes on Hamas militant positions in the Gaza Strip.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Medicane On Track To Hit Europe

2014 Medican

First things first, you may be thinking to yourself - what is a Medicane? Medicanes are very rare tropical-like cyclones that happen in the Mediterranean Sea.

Medicane "Zorbas" is expected to form in the southern Mediterranean Sea. Zorbas may hit Crete, Greece late Saturday with hurricane-force winds and locally heavy rain.  Wind damage and  flash floods are expected as it hits the European continent September 29th. 

Monday, September 10, 2018

Major Hurricanes Set To Slam USA

Photo: NASA

Major hurricanes have their destructive power set on possibly targeting the United States 

On September 9, 2018, Florence, Isaac, and Helene were all churning up the North Atlantic. The trio of storms is visible in this image acquired by the Suomi NPP satellite.

Hurricane Florence was the most dangerous for people in the United States. Forecasters at the National Hurricane Center expect the slow-moving Category 4 storm to reach the coast of the Carolinas on September 12 or 13, bringing a life-threatening storm surge, exceptionally heavy inland rains, and damaging winds.

Isaac, a much weaker will reach the Caribbean by September 13. Helene is still far in the Atlantic basin and could possible push north away from the US mainland.

Another unnamed tropical disturbance has a high chance of developing and moving into the Gulf of Mexico later in the week 

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Wildfires Destroying California

California wildfires in 2018 California have scorched far more ground than in 2017

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection has responded to 4,587 fires that have destroyed 613,710 acres (248,359 hectares), compared with 4,425 fires that destroyed 233,936 acres (94,671 hectares) through the same period in 2017, according to figures from the agency

The latest fire spread to 2,000 acres (809 hectares) by Wednesday evening, forcing the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office to evacuate residents along a stretch of Interstate 5 north of the town of Lakehead to the Siskiyou County line.


Friday, August 24, 2018

Massive 7.1 Earthquake strikes Peru

A massive 7.1 earthquake struck the Madre De Dios region in Peru. Madre de Dios is a region in southeastern Peru’s Amazon Basin, bordering Brazil and Bolivia. The USGS reported the quake 184 km West North West of Iberia Pura at 904am UTC

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Russia Buildup On Golan Heights Border

Source: AMN

Four Russian military police posts have been established on the Golan border and another two will be added in the near future Lieutenant-General Sergei Kuralenko said on Tuesday.

The Golan Heights is a 690 sq mile area captured and occupied by Israel after the 1967 war.

The prophecies of Ezekiel are unfolding before the world as Russia and Iran move closer to Israel.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Israel Under Heavy Rocket Attack

Photo courtesy of @Israelbreaking on twitter

Over 50 rockets have been fired from Gaza into Israel. Largest attack since 2014. Iron Dome has had multiple interceptions. IDF is responding with air attacks and has confirmed 12 terrorist targets have been hit

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

"Gate of Hell" Opens In Russia

A massive sink hole has suddenly appeared in a field near the village of Neledino in Russia. The hole has been dubbed the "gate to hell" by locals.

It measures 32 metres (105 feet) across and is 50 metres (164 feet) deep - enough to swallow a 16 storey building.

A police spokesman said: "The ground collapsed in an agricultural field, which belongs to a private farmer, and is only two kilometres (1.2 miles) away from nearby homes.


Monday, July 30, 2018

10 Signs America Is Falling

America is in much worse shape than we thought and 10 reasons why:
  1. America is “the most dangerous country in the developed world to give birth in”
  2. America is absolutely teeming with sexual predators
  3.  America has a massive pedophilia problem
  4. America is full of people that are looking to take advantage of others
  5. America has way too many politically-correct control freaks that want to ruin all of our lives
  6. America is a nation of addicts
  7. America is on a path to financial suicide
  8. America seems to have an endless supply of cruel people
  9. America’s major cities are rapidly being transformed into cesspools
  10. America is inhabited by way too many idiots

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Rocket Attacks In Israel

Rocket sirens going off in Ashkelon, Southern Israel today. Militant groups in Gaza are expanding their range of attacks as rocket fire continues. Over 170 mortars and rockets were fired into Israel. A synagouge in Sderot, Southern Israel was hit and at least three Israelis, a 52-year-old man and two girls, ages 14 and 15, were injured when one of the rockets landed on the roof of their home, also in Sderot.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to take “strong action” against Hamas. IDF has struck 40 'Hamas targets' in Gaza.  2 Palestinians killed, 14 wounded. IDF is promising strikes will continue


Monday, July 9, 2018

Israel War Jets Attack Syria

On July 8th, an Israeli warplane carried out an attack on the T-4 Airbase in Syria.

Syria's state media said that military air defenses shot down some missiles coming from south of the Tanaf region toward the air base. Other reports said that the planes successfully engaged targets, causing damage.

Israel has repeatedly warned that Iranian backed forces would not be allowed to take position in Syria 

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Unexplained Square Clouds Form Globally

Abnormal square clouds with almost perfect 90° corners are forming around the globe and no one knows why.

Many believe these clouds are the result of government weather control experiments. The infamous High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme (HAARP) was set up by the US government in 1993, and run by the US Air Force and Navy. Although mostly top-secret, critics accuse HAARP of attempting to weaponize the planet.


Thursday, July 5, 2018

6000 Christians Maimed and Slaughtered


Fulani attacks on Christian communities and churches across Nigeria have caused over 6000 Christians ( mostly children, women and the aged) to maimed and killed in night raids.

"What is happening in Plateau state and other select states in Nigeria is pure genocide and must be stopped immediately," said the Christian Association of Nigeria and church denominational heads in Plateau State in a press release last week.


Thursday, June 28, 2018

39 Million Acres Of Tree Cover Lost In 2017

Last year was the second-worst on record for tropical tree cover loss, according to new data from the University of Maryland. In total, the tropics experienced 39 million acres of tree cover loss in 2017. That’s the equivalent of losing 40 football fields of trees every minute for an entire year.


Thursday, May 31, 2018

US Warns Syria About Troops

The Pentagon issued a warning to Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad on Thursday after he said that his troops will retake lands from the US-backed forces if they do not leave Syria. General Kenneth McKenzie warned that any attack against US troops will end badly for him

“Any interested party in Syria should understand that attacking US Forces or our coalition partners will be a bad policy,” Lieutenant General Kenneth McKenzie, director of the joint staff, said during a press conference.

His remarks came after Assad told Russian broadcaster RT he would not hesitate to use force to retake the third of the country held by the Syrian Democratic Forces.d’s remarks towards the Syrian Democratic Forces.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Rare Virus Could Become Global Epidemic Officials Warn

Deadly Nipah Virus
image - turbosquid

Health officials have implemented emergency measures in Kerala after the more than 40 people were infected with the Nipah virus, which causes flu-like symptoms leading to an agonizing brain-swelling condition known as encephalitis, according to Sky News.

There is no vaccine for Nipah, which has a mortality rate of 70 percent, and no treatment beyond supportive care to make patients comfortable. The virus is listed alongside Ebola and Zika as one of eight priority diseases the World Health Organization believes could cause a global epidemic.


Friday, May 25, 2018

Israel Bombs Hezbollah In Syria

Israel bombed an airbase in Syria on Thursday night. Al-Masdar News reported on Friday afternoon that the Israeli strike on the Al-Dabaa Airbase had targeted Hezbollah’s positions.

This attack by the Israeli Air Force marks the first time during this war that any foreign entity has targeted this military base near Al-Qusayr.

Deadly Heatwave Strikes Pakistan

A heatwave that coincided with a power outage has killed 65 people in Pakistan's southern city of Karachi over the past three days. The death toll could climb as the high temperatures persist.


Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Yellowstone National Park bubbles away with its hot springs and geysers. The most famous is Old Faithful, so called because it puts on a show for visitors every 91 minutes.

Steamboat geyser had not erupted since September 2014until March 15 this year, then it blew back into life, followed by eruptions on April 19 and April 27. On May 4 it erupted again, the fourth time in seven weeks. It is now the world’s tallest and most powerful active geyser. The eruptions came on the heels of earthquake activity at Yellowstone recorded by the USGS.

A swarm of more than 200 earthquakes struck Yellowstone over two weeks, starting on Feb. 8 and increasing on Feb. 15 in an area 8 miles northeast of West Yellowstone, Montana. The USGS reported that a bigger series of tiny quakes hit the area but seismometers failed to record them.


Saturday, May 5, 2018


5/5/2018 ALERT! Hawaii is being hit by hundreds of earthquakes due to volcanic eruption. Over 1000 residents evacuated. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Israel Seeks War With Iran

Israel Flag
Courtesy:  KUDUMOMO 

Israel appears to be preparing for open warfare with Iran and is seeking U.S. help and support.

“On the list of the potentials for most likely live hostility around the world, the battle between Israel and Iran in Syria is at the top of the list right now,” said senior U.S. official.

The US officials told NBC that Israeli F-15s hit Hama after Iran delivered weapons to a base that houses Iran’s 47th Brigade. In addition to killing two dozen troops, including officers, the strike wounded three dozen others and took out surface to air missles.


Saturday, April 21, 2018

Iran to Israel "Our Hands Are On The Trigger"

A senior member of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) alerted Israel Friday that Tehran’s “hands are on the trigger and missiles are ready” to strike all Israeli air bases after a map of air bases in Syria believed to be controlled by Iran was shared with Israeli media earlier this week.
In a bellicose speech given in Tehran, IRGC Deputy Commander Brigadier General Hossein Salami warned that Israel was living “in the dragon’s mouth” since northern and western Israeli bases were “in the range of our missiles.”